How to Dress as a Petite

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how to dress as a petite

This is the question I get asked everyday – “tips and tricks for petites”. Of course, there is never a specific set of answers, and new tricks get added as we go.

As someone who is blessed to be closer to sea level than others (get it? haha!), I’ve accumulated the perfect tricks I live by:

It’s all about the ankle:

The ankle shows to create an illusion of longer legs. So yes, wearing bootie or ankle covering shoes, especially with pants, will make your legs appear shorter.

Accentuate the waist:

Wearing hight waisted pants or skirts, crop tops are great. Fitted dresses are great way to create a silhouette, and an oversized piece can be belted around the waist. The key is to highlight the waist, which creates a more proportional upper and lower body ratio.

Pointier shoes:

This works wonder! I rarely wear flats. But when I do, they are mostly pointy toes. In addition my favorite shoes have been pointy toe pumps.

Upper body and chest area:

Just like showing the ankle creates the illusion of longer legs, the designs around the chest area determines the length of the neck visible. As long as I love turtle necks, they are tricky!


Last but not the least, yes, posture! I’ve heard it since I was a kid – a good posture adds extra height. Honestly, I can so vouch for it! Honestly, slouching shows lack of confidence, while a great posture shows the opposite. Confidence creates a taller image, just like that!

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