How to Wear a Statement Piece

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Sometimes, more is more, and this all neoprene outfit is a great example. Some might say that when wearing a full popcorn-lips print neoprene skirt, you should go with something more minimal on top. Well, I like to take the opposite mentality of go BIG or go home. Wearing a statement piece is not as hard as you think – it is all about your attitude and being comfortable in the clothes.

Super Fun and Empowering

Once you overcome the notion that these pieces are so “out there” and stop caring about what other people think, you will see that wearing statement pieces can be super fun and empowering!

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This neoprene skirt from PAOM is so unique, the cool print that reminds me of pop art and really stands out, especially against the neoprene fabric. I decided to pair it with a neoprene bodysuit with a dramatic side ruffle. Even though these two pieces have different prints and are both statement piece, they go well together because they are both neoprene.

Whimsical and Feminine

To make this look even more fun, I chose Venus Et Fleur flowers as my “handbag”, which match the flowers on the bodysuit. These real preserved flowers also last a whole year and smell so amazing, they are seriously worth the investment. To complete the look, I tied a white scarf around my hair, and chose rainbow drop earrings and fun yellow sunglasses. I just love how whimsical and feminine this outfit is, it is one of my favorites to date!

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Statement Piece Outfit Details

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Bodysuit: Rosegal
Skirt: PAOM
Shoes: Vintage
Flowers: Venus Et Fleur
Sunglasses: Kendall + Kylie (similar here)
Earrings: SEQUIN

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