Mixing Modern and Vintage Fashion

mixing modern and vintage fashion
vintage and contemporary clothes

I hope everyone had a good week; the weather has been so cold this July it is starting to bum me out. I am hoping that we will have a few nice weeks of warm sunshine before the end of summer. It would be nice to be able to go to the beach at least once this summer.

Mixing Modern and Vintage Fashion

One of my favorite things to do is mix modern and vintage fashion. For this outfit, I paired a vintage floral skirt from my recent Redbird Vintage box with a new blouse from Shein. I love how the blouse matches the floral skirt so well it almost looks vintage. Mt skirt is most likely from the 1990s or later 1980s, so it is not authentic vintage. It is hard to find skirts that are true vintage that fit me. The ones I see at the thrift shop are so tiny

mixing new and vintage clothes
vintage floral skirt

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