Wear Two Ways – the Pencil Skirt

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versatile clothing

I am ALL ABOUT finding multiple ways to wear my clothes. In fact, the more versatile clothing you wear, the more free you are.

Speaking of versatile clothing, I was introduced to this pencil skirt while I was basically squatting at my local Nordstrom the last 3 weeks. And before I show you why it is SO GOOD, let me just say this:  I was pretty certain this brown pencil skirt and I wouldn’t be friends. In fact, I would have probably never tried it. But then. THEN I did. And now we are married and I have to wear it EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  #rash

Moral of the story? Try things before you decide that you hate them. In clothes, and probably also in life, tbh.

Anyway, here’s how I would style my new love for work. A date night. Or anything that’s not #momlife related.

brown pencil skirt
black slouch boots

K, so now that we’ve covered how to be fancy, let’s be UNFANCY. I have a theory: Add comfy sneaks and a graphic tee to basically anything, and it will be #momlife approved. And since everything you read on the internet is true, then I am right.

graphic tees 1
treasure and bond backpack
pencil skirt

Outfit Details

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graphic tee
trouve skirt
adidas sneakers (check out the hot pink ones!)
treasure and bond backpack

In conclusion: Go buy this skirt. Marry it if you’re weird like me. Style it with EVERYTHING. (Yes, olive IS the Switzerland of clothing, and plays nice with EVERYONE. But there is also a black version available, if you just can’t with the olive.)

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