Pleated Skirts Under $30

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Amazon Pleated Skirts Under $30

I did a preview about a week or two-ish ago in my Instagram Story on pleated skirts I bought on Amazon. As promised, here is my review on Amazon pleated skirts. All of these skirts are under $30! I decided to go with pleated skirts, because lately I have been obsessing over them. And I don’t mind owning a lot of them haha.

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They are the perfect piece to wear in the Spring. If it is a chillier Spring day, you can just pair the skirt with a sweater or layer with a jacket like a moto suede jacket or classic trench coat.

Shopping for Amazon pleated skirts was a much more pleasant experience than the Amazon sweaters. I was able to quickly make decisions without agonizing if they were worth the purchase. So thank goodness that was the case!

What Else I Wore

I kept the rest of my clothing consistent. In all of these photos, I wore this button-detail long-sleeve. I wear this long-sleeve all the time! It pretty much goes with anything and the buttons elevate the top. I’ve worn it in this post and in my real weekend outfit series. The long-sleeve fits true to size (I’m wearing a small).

As for shoes, I wore these suede kitty heels. They are the comfiest pair of shoes! No joke, I can walk around in them all day and will be completely fine. They also fit true to size and I’m wearing a 7.5. Seriously though, if you haven’t looked at Naturalizer, you should! They have completely rebranded and their collection is now more chic and classic, but they never lost what they are known to be – comfortable.

Review of Amazon Pleated Skirts Under $30

Green Polka Dot Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Green Polka Dot

SIZING: Fits true to size. I normally wear a size small and got a small. It fits perfectly.

REVIEW: I loved it! This shade of green is the perfect color for Spring. It falls right above the ankle, and I was comfortable in it. The elastic waistband was not too tight or loose. It was tight enough to gather and cinch the waist, but I was still able to breath. It also has pockets, which was a surprise to me! The pockets were sewn in so well, that it was hard to see or find them until I flipped the skirt inside out and saw the lining of the pockets.

VERDICT: For sure keeping it!

Coffee Polka Dot Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Brown Polka Dots

SIZING: True to size. Same fit as the Green polka dot skirt.

REVIEW: Yes, it is the same skirt as the green one just in a different color. So my thoughts are the same with this one. The only thing I want to note is the color. Based on the photos, I thought the ‘coffee’ color was going to be a rust-color similar to the color of this dress. But it is brown, as in a true brown color. Normally, I would not consider getting anything in this color, but the polka dots don’t make the color brown too harsh.

VERDICT: Keeping it!

Snakeskin Print Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Snakeskin Print

SIZING: Fits true to size. All the reviews claim that it was small and to size up, but I personally wish I got a small not a medium. It still sits comfortably around my waist, but I prefer it to be tighter. But I guess that’s what the tie-waist string is for.

REVIEW: I love the snakeskin print and it doesn’t look cheap at all. Sometimes buying animal print can be tricky because they can look cheap. This does not at all. This skirt looks like something I could find at Club Monaco. Although it was a tie-waist string, I think it is useless. I can use it to make it tighter, but you don’t need it to keep the skirt up. So if you don’t like it, you can just take it off.

VERDICT: Although I wished for a small, I still plan on keeping it.

Leopard Print Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Leopard Print.

SIZING: Fits true to size.

REVIEW: Remember how I mentioned above how animal print can look cheap if it was not made well? Well this is one of them. I put it on, and it seemed like someone quickly sewed it together. The stitching was not straight, especially around the waist. Which makes the elastic waistband look awkward. Some parts on the elastic were not sewn closely to the elastic, so the waist line had some extra fabric and some not. Not cute at all. The fabric also felt super cheap and overall didn’t look flattering. Plus, the shipping took FOREVER. This one took about 3 weeks.

VERDICT: Returning. I’d rather pay more for a nice looking leopard print skirt.

Green Floral Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Green Floral.

SIZING: Fits true to size.

REVIEW: This skirt is so beautiful. I love the dainty floral print. It almost looks like polka dots far away. The color is more of a sage green, which I think is even prettier! Unfortunately, it does not have pockets. I didn’t have expectations for it to have them, so I am okay with it (but we all know pockets make everything better haha).

VERDICT: Keeping it.

Floral Pleated Skirt

Amazon Pleated Skirt - Dusty Rose Floral.

SIZING: Fits true to size

REVIEW: This skirt screams Spring doesn’t it? The floral prints are more obvious in this one. It also has a dusty rose color. Super feminine look. This skirt would be a great Easter Sunday skirt.

VERDICT: Keeping it.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, I had a much better shopping experience shopping for skirts. Most of these skirts were Prime and immediately came two-days after. The only exception was the leopard print skirt. What was weird was that I got a notice that it was shipped immediately, but they provided no tracking at all. And when I asked for it, it was very vague which carrier it was going through. I did not expect it to take 3 weeks to arrive. But overall, I will definitely be buying more skirts on Amazon.

Can’t wait to share more on how I style these skirts!

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