Why Everyone’s Buying A Satin Midi Skirt (And Why You Probably Need One Too)

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satin midi skirt

Satin Midi Skirt

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, chances are you will have spotted one or two skirts like this on your Instagram feed… or maybe one or two hundred! The bias-cut satin midi skirt is huge right now, and judging by the New In sections of many of my favourite high street stores, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Yep, everyone seems to be buying one of these little gems at the moment, and since I’ve had mine, I can totally see why.

Satin Bias Cut Midi Skirt Outfit

Do you need one?

I know what you’re wondering right now. Do you need one too? Well, they’re available in every colour of the rainbow, as well as a myriad of up to the minute prints, so it’s fair to say there’s one out there for everyone. Not only that, but this particular skirt style is super flattering on just about every body type, easy to wear and appropriate for almost every occasion. And it provides all the nostalgic nineties vibes you could want in a piece of clothing.

Opted for Snake Print

Mine was an early Christmas present from my husband. (I’d wanted one for quite a while, so I knew exactly what to ask him for!) I opted for a snake print version – this was another trend I’d been wanting to try for quite some time, so I thought I would tick off two in one. Paired with a fine knit turtle neck and over the knee boots, I’ve felt warm and cosy yet smart enough for lunches out and generally socialising over the festive period. The silky fabric of the skirt adds something a little bit special to the outfit, yet at the same time, the relaxed cut means it’s almost impossible to feel overdressed while wearing it. It really does strike a perfect balance in between.

Satin Bias Cut Midi Skirt River Island

Pairing these skirts with chunky knit jumpers and trainers

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When it comes to styling, however, you have so many more options available to you than this. I’ve seen some amazing street style photos where people have paired these skirts with chunky knit jumpers and trainers. A little edgy for me, admittedly, but nevertheless it’s a look that works beautifully on a lot of people. If you’re heading out somewhere fancy, you could add a sparkly top and a pair of heels, while I also think they would make great office wear when teamed with a smart blouse. When you think about it, that’s quite a lot of mileage out of one skirt, and given how affordable the high street offerings are (my snake print River Island skirt cost £32), they are fantastic value for money.

Satin Bias Cut Midi Skirt How To Style

I am loving my bias-cut satin midi skirt and would definitely recommend at least trying one on. What are your thoughts on them? Have you added one to you wardrobe, or are you planning to?

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