Styling Navy and White for the Holidays

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navy oversized sweater
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The London Look

This is probably one of my favorite Style Truly looks, although at times, it’s tough to pick just one look. When I see this outfit put together, what pops into my head is, “Get the London Look.”

Navy Plaid Pencil Skirt

This season, I have been noticing a mega-trend of the famous white heel boot. I thought these boots were perfect to pair with a navy plaid pencil skirt and a navy oversized sweater with pearl details. When I thought about pairing my accessories, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Style Truly look without a pair of sunglasses, and my white round sunglasses were the right pair for this look.

Round Purse

My round-shaped purse went perfectly with this “London inspired” look because the shape played well with the white and plaid. This outfit looks great with or without the hat, but I really thought by adding the cabbie hat it truly completed the overall look.

Fun Fact

My skirt is actually a dress turned into a pencil skirt. I was having the most difficult time finding a skirt that I liked to pair with this top. While I was in a store called Q, I found the perfect print but it was a dress. Well luckily because the sizing runs a lot like Forever21, I was able to get a fitted smaller size and turn it into a pencil skirt.

I do this type of thing all the time, so keep a look out on how I find functional clothing and turn them into something else.

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