Bahama Mama – add Staniel Cay to your bucket list!

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I am sure most of you saw my recent trip to the Bahamas, and let me just say, you NEED to add Staniel Cay to your bucket list!

Staniel is so much more than the touristy type islands like Nassau, where Atlantis is. Although, I do love Nassau for a different kind of resort style vacay. Staniel Cay alone does not have much on the island other than a few beautiful homes & the Yacht Club, BUT there is so much to do and see around the island ?.

Staniel is a tropical paradise that I hold near & dear to my heart, ever since my family and I used to boat over from Florida for many summers. This island is known for the nearby notorious swimming pigs ? and its ocean floor filled with nurse sharks ?. Not to mention, you can snorkel inside the Thunderball Grotto that James Bond once jumped into- who doesn’t want to do that?!

If you love marine life, this is the place for you to visit. You can also swim with nurse sharks, discover huge groups of starfish the size of your head, swim in a natural-ocean aquarium with the prettiest fish to see ?, eat fresh conch straight from the shell, visit iguana ? island, and gaze at all of the celebs private islands.

Safe to say that Staniel Cay is one of my favorite places to visit! If you ever get the opportunity to visit, go!

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– Lauren xo

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