Black and White Again

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black and white outfit

This week, I was counting days till Saturday, because I needed some relaxation time.

Trying to get into a workout mode

Spring is just around the corner, and i am trying to put myself in a workout mode,  but must be honest i suck at workouts, and i feel more happy eating chocolate.

I do not know what can be the reason for that, maybe just bad weather, or lack of motivation, but i definitely need to focus more on a healthy routine. Would love to hear from you guys, what motivates you, and how you keep it fit?

white sweater spring
star print tights

About the Look

It is not spring yet, but i’ve already put my coats away and my skirts are already there and ready to wear.

Tights with star print

I became pretty obsessed with tights with prints, so the other day i had to buy these ones with star print. I actually never wear dark tights with skirts or dresses, but had to follow the trend and try it out. You saw this skirt in a couple of posts before and i really like the zipper detail on the front. You know how much i like to combine sweaters with skirts, and there is a little funny story regarding this white sweater from Shein.

Washing a White with some Colourful Clothes

Well, last winter i got the same sweater, and i was wearing it so much, but i made a mistake and i put it on washing with some colourful clothes, and later on my lovely white sweater was grey with black stains. Obviously i tried to make it white again, but could not do it, so i had to order a new one, exactly the same for this winter season. I always go with size up, because i like to feel comfortable and sweaters should not be tight, i guess.

I really hope you like this look, and if you need perfect white sweater check Shein store and use code Q1then10 for discounts.

Lots of love!

skirt with front zipper
black star print tights

Outfit Details:

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Sweater: Shein – Here 
Skirt: Shein- Here 
Bag: Guess- Here

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