Spring 2019 Trend Obsessions with Kenneth Cole

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oversized denim pants

Two types of spring looks

Okay guys, I’ve been on a KICK… like a literal, all obsessive, kick. And it’s for two types of spring looks. If you ask me to show up to a spring barbecue or any springtime activity and you’ll prob see me in two types of looks:

  1. Oversized denim
  2. All white

But REALLY… I’m obsessed. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll notice a little shift in colors (or lack there of). I use to be a lot of grey/black tones, but as spring hit – I’m more into the white, beige tones. I can’t get enough.

Partnered with Kenneth Cole

I recently partnered with Kenneth Cole to style two of their new shoe styles and I thought these two spring looks I’m talking about were a perfect fit. For the two shoe styles, I selected (1) a more romantic low heel with a strap – which I’ve been seeing (and loving) everywhere lately and (2) a chunky sneaker; which is a great alternative if the “dad shoes” trend isn’t quite for you – I can say that with confidence, because my husband loves them just as much as I do.

Onto Look #1:

white ruffle top
denim and heels

Levi’s mom jeans

I’ve had these Levi’s mom jeans for quite some time now. I actually thrifted them – a few sizes too big might I add. I paired them with this, also romantic, puff sleeve off the should top from Princess Polly (all items linked below). I thought this top, with the low heel were a match made in heaven. The oversized mom jeans are just a little un-expected.

Oversized jean trend

If you’re looking to get into the oversized jean trend and don’t know where to start – I recommend pairing with a fitted shirt and some sort of heel that shows your ankle (so you don’t look frumpy) like these GORG babies from Kenneth Cole.

As a side note, these heels do have a pretty well made cushion in the sole, so if you’re scared of pain from long wear or just prefer comfort over all – these are good option for you.

black belt and black bag

Shop this full look by clicking here.

Look #2:

Now, the all white obsession… I have no clue where this came from or when it will end, but all.white.all.day is my new norm. You know I’ve always been a tone on tone girl, so I guess we’re just taking it to the extreme these days. I like a good “clean” look, so here we are.

all white outfit
white skirt and sneakers

Sneakers are being paired with everything

If you’ve been living under a rock – I may have to break the news to you that sneakers are being paired with EVERYTHING and worn all the time. Dresses, blazers, jeans, skirts, everything. But who can blame us? You probably already have some form of sneaker already in your closet, so break ’em out because they ain’t goin’ no where.

Kenneth Cole’s Sneaker Shop

If you’re someone who does not have a good all white, ahem “clean,” sneaker – I do highly recommend this pair. Coming from someone who has at least 4 all white pairs, I did select these out of the enormous amount of options in Kenneth Cole’s Sneaker Shop. I couldn’t resist. They were so good and beat out my other pairs. I now feel kind of guilty for all the other ones I have, but whatevs. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Finding Mr. right, when you already collected a few Mr. Okays.

white trench and sneakers

Shop this full look by clicking here.

DON’T FORGET to check Kenneth Cole’s coupons before making a purchase here: stylinity.com/coupons/@kennethcole/@sarahwisted

If you have any sizing/styling questions, let me know in the comments below or slide into my DMs on instagram (@sarahwisted).

This post is in collaboration with Kenneth Cole and Stylinity. All opinions are my own.



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