What to Wear in New York in Spring

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What to Wear in New York in Spring

What to Wear in New York in Spring

New York is an amazing place to be in Spring. Spring allows the most creative fashionista to show off her full wardrobe with the swing of the seasons. There are plenty of things happening around the city as people start to come out of the Winter social hibernation. So what a perfect time to start showing off your favourite outfits as the large jackets start coming off. We have three key tips for what to wear in New York in Spring 2020!

What to Wear in New York in Spring - Woman in Layers

Layers are your best friend

As any New Yorker will tell you, it’s important to check the weather especially before you decide on what to wear. Weather will be particularly cold in February. In March, however, temperatures will start to rise again and so you can expect a changing of the guard for your wardrobe as the summer nears.

The weather will vary a lot so layers will be crucial to keeping your temperature right and outfit cute. Check out Amber Lyons’ article for more inspiration on how she uses layers in Spring. 

What to Wear In New York in Spring - Floral Dress

Think floral

Spring is when the flowers come out and there is no better city to celebrate that. With the NYBG Orchid Show and the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival taking place in NYC in Spring, it is ideal city to get floral inspiration from.

Floral has been a fantastic choice for years and if there is one season to wear it, it is Spring. You can be comforted that anything floral that you can’t show off can easily be worn in Summer also.

Be sure to check out some more floral inspiration on TrendFriend here.

What to Wear in New York in Spring - Be Brave

Be brave

New York is full of dreamers. The City that never Sleeps. Want to experiment? New York’s got you and with the New York Fashion Week in February, there is no better time and place to get inspiration for some out there inspiration.

The beauty of New York is how diverse outfits can be; judgement-free! Everyone’s wardrobe has outfits they can only wear for certain occasions and certain places but New York is different. Be brave and be bold! 

Plenty of the TrendFriend bloggers will be at the NYFW in February and have been before; you can see what Melissa’s favourite outfits from NYFW were here.

What are the locals wearing?

Whatever you choose to wear in New York this Spring, make sure to check out some outfit inspiration from our local bloggers in New York below.

Mary Gui

New York

Laura Behnke

New York

Paula Castro

New York

Mia Rose

New York

Tricia Chen

New York

What are you going to wear in New York in Spring?

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