Details Make The Difference

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details make the difference

Details Make the Difference

Do you also sometimes ask yourself why the same or very similarly composed outfit looks different on various wearers? Of course one crucial aspect lies in the difference within the body proportions. Long skirt with t-shirt looks different on a long-legged slim girl than on a smaller body with the absence of waist. But as the title suggests I intend to deal with this topic from the stylistic point of view. Because the title isn’t just a popular hashtag but simply the truth.

A Cool Modern Look

Set on the example of my new outfit I’d like to show you how to assemble a cool modern look from two ordinary parts of clothes such as striped t-shirt and black straight pants. Yes – it’s the details that can pimp up even the most boring basic combinations. Of course you don’t have to suddenly go and apply all these elements I used. Sometimes just one element is all we need to make the overall effect feel entirely different.

Which details can spice up your outfit and add a youthful cool drive to it?


Not only does a belt eemphasize the silhouette and the waist but also its buckle makes the outfit special.


A head cover has a crucial impact on the overall nature of the outfit. Choose a type that fits you and underlines your personal style.

A handbag with an interesting detail

My handbag has a wide stripe with a logo print which is currently a huge trend with which I fell in love and which makes the outfit quite trendy.

Folded hem on pants

A detail which sheds off the formality and contributes to the overall cool feel of this outfit.

(rosa) short wind jacket

This jacket is stylistically a big contrast to a basic composition of pants and a t-shirt. Its color shade smoothens its sporty character and is a stylish counterpart to the formal base of the outfit. I had to change the handbag for a black Rockstud model by Valentino. Beige handbag by Zadig et Voltaire doesn‘t go well with the color of the jacket.

Shoes and another accessories

Because the look contains a lot of quite conspicuous details I chose a less distinctive black pumps and subtle optic silver watch. You add somewhere – you subtract elsewhere.

The goal is to find with the help of the details optimally balance the outfit so it has the zing but at the same time not go so far so too many distinctive details give the impression of a carnival.


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Outfit Details:

T-Shirt: Tom Tailor here, Pants: Cinque similar here, Hat: Zadig & Voltaire here, Pumps: Guess here, Bag 1: Zadig & Voltaire here, Bag 2: Valentino similar here, Belt: Mango here
Windjacket: Zara here

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