Parisian Women Don’t Overdo the Trendy

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Parisian Women Don’t Overdo the Trendy

I’ve been very intrigued by parisian women lately. They seem so laid back, yet totally put together. I feel like that is a theme in the way I dress; however, it seems that parisian women make it happen more effortlessly. I think the key to appearing like you didn’t try, is to wear classic, well constructed pieces paired with maybe one or two trendier items. In other words, don’t overdo the trendy.

High Waisted Denim

This look was an easy throw together look for me. I found this button down at Nordstrom Rack the other day and I immediately thought it would look good buttoned all the way up with high waisted denim. Also, I think I am addicted to Lack of Color hats lately because I can’t get enough (and may have just purchased another). Their hats tend to be perfectly created, in my opinion.

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Outfit Details

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