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There are not many styles that a two-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man can both wear and stripes are perhaps the only contender. Stripes have the power to make fashion highly noticeable, which explains why the pattern wasn’t always held in such high regard. A black and white stripe was once upon a time the uniform of the detainee. But don’t worry those times are firmly in the past. Here, there and everywhere right now, stripes are not only the print of the season but they’re the print to be seen in.

Nothing transcends seasons – or decades – more seamlessly than stripes (alongside of polka dot) and there are so many options out there – mixing and matching, dress them up for a night out or the office, dress them down for play or travel. Whatever you do, get into stripes. You won’t regret picking up on such a versatile trend.

The big-money questions in fashion are of perpetual relevance: Which print should I back for the new season? How to wear stripes? To stripe or not to stripe at all? Are stripes cool enough this season? One thing I can say for sure is that stripes won’t ever lose their cool factor. Stripes will always be “in.” They’ve migrated from being an occasional flourish to being a mainstay in the fashion conversation.

stripes will always be in

It’s time to take your outfit in new directions with easy to wear stripey staples. From thick stripes to pinstripes, co-ords to jumpsuits to dresses, bags and even shoes, all covered in the classic print, you’ll be standing out in stripes this season.

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There are so many ways to wear stripes and so many ways to improve your summer looks by incorporating them into your wardrobe. To help you get started I put together some advice on how to wear summer stripes.

Body Shape and Height

When considering stripes, keep your body shape and height in mind. When you are looking to achieve the illusion of being taller and thinner, it is crucial to pay attention to which stripes you pick. Generally, larger prints can actually make you look bigger from certain angles. If you’re on the thinner side and want to look a little curvier, go for horizontal wider stripes. If you’re short and a slightly wide, lengthen your body with horizontal spaghetti thin stripes. To be honest, I have fun with both types of stripes. Stripes this summer add a creative element if you pair them with the right pieces; summer stripes can also feel very modern if done right.

statement stripes

Statement Stripes

Unmissable and bold – vertical, horizontal or diagonal, it doesn’t matter, as long as your stripes are loud and making a statement! Stripes have always been popular but they haven’t been this fun in a while. Wear your own statement stripes on a coat, jacket or dress and pair with a simple, slim silhouette and minimal accessories.

Colour Stripes

Injecting some colour is the easiest way to give some edge to your basic monochrome stripes. Try colours like bright blue and vivid red paired with white or navy.

Think Outside The Striped Suit

Usually striped suits are the easiest way to wear this trend, but this season try stripes in different garments like a jumpsuit, a pair of stilettos or a cosy little clutch. Stripey accessories are a great way to add some Parisian chic to your attire.

Multi-Dimensional Stripes

When it comes to stripes this season, more is more! Multi-coloured and multi-directional are ruling the fashion scene. Something so classic like stripes doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or predictable. The more irregular the better! Don’t be afraid of overdoing it, add some loudness to your wardrobe.

striped heels booties

Outfit Details

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stripe shirt dress

Without a doubt, these summer stripes are something I will always continue to rock. They have been staples in my wardrobe – and I am not quite ready to let them go quite yet. I look forward to seeing you challenge yourself to wearing them too!

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