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colorful striped sweater

Sweater Weather

Ok, who doesn’t love sweater weather? As much as I love the beach and warm weather, I am sooo thankful to experience fall weather (and all of the other fun activities) that come with fall every year in the Midwest. Anyways, today I’m sharing one of my favorite trends this season. If you’ve been shopping lately (online or at the mall) you have probably noticed a lot of stripes and prints/patterns in general. On a side note, I’ve decided that when I’m writing fashion/trends/style posts I am going to keep the writing to a minimum and share more pictures, I think it makes more sense, to keep my thoughts and feelings ~ in my lifestyle posts.

Striped Sweaters

Striped sweaters are taking over this fall and I’m loving them but i’m really diggin’ bright colorful striped sweaters.

multicolor striped sweater
rainbow striped sweater
rainbow stripe outfit
rainbow stripes and denim
multicolor stripes
denim and sweater

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