The Belt You Need To Add To Your Closet

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belt for your closet

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Kimono  // Skinny Wrap Belt // Arc Bag // Leopard Heels // Bodysuit // Sunglasses

Wrap Belt

A belt can pull your whole outfit together and instantly give you a polished look. You can turn flowy or bulky ensembles into flattering looks by wearing a belt that defines your waist. I cannot wait to tie this belt over a blazer in the fall!

Half the fun of a wrap belt is the multiple ways you can tie it! Below I have mine tied three different ways in this post. However, there are so many more ways to style this belt! There are multiple video tutorial found HERE. 

The metal emblem

I also love a wrap belt because sometimes I do not want to deal with a metal emblem. Should it be gold, silver, large or small? With an all-leather belt, you do not have to worry about any of that.

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I’ve tied my wrap belt below by wrapping it around the waist once, and then I tied a bow.

ADA Wrap belt styling

Minimal flat feel

Here my belt is wrapped twice around the waist, and then I tied it in the back for a minimal flat feel.

ADA Wrap belt styling


Knotted the belt in front

The last way I styled this belt is probably my favorite. I wrapped it twice around my waist and then knotted the belt in front.

Striped Kimino with arc bag

ADA Wrap belt styling

In Collaboration with ADA Collection

Photography by Cathy Sunu

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