Benefits of Satin

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Benefits of satin

Have you heard of the benefits of satin? There are actually quite a few. My focus on wearing satin has been for the benefit of my skin and hair – mostly my hair. For those who aren’t in the know, let me catch you up a bit. Satin, when worn as a hair wrap or if you have a satin pillow, actually helps to keep your hair healthy. It doesn’t pull the essential oils out of your hair that you need to keep your hair moisturized and fresh, and it keeps your hair from extreme breakage as satin doesn’t grab at the strands of your hair like cotton does.

Great for the skin

With that same thought in mind, satin is also great for the skin, which is why you’ll hear many beauty gurus recommend having a satin pillow. Again, it doesn’t pull away those essential oils from your face which leaves you with more nourishment over night and actually allows your night creams and masks to do their jobs. With cotton pillows, your creams and masks are actually being absorbed into the fabric.

benefits of satin
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A great summer fabric

Other than the benefits that I just mentioned for your skin and hair, satin is also a great summer fabric. It’s one of the main fabrics that I have been wearing for many summers.

Satin is a thinner fabric that is lightweight and comfortable. On days where there is dry heat, you’ll feel cool and airy as the fabric will allow any breezes to pass through and won’t hug too tight to your skin creating more heat. Then on the more humid days, you’re not getting the fabric that sticks to your skin and leaves you feeling gross and wet throughout the day.

Helping me stay cool

I’ve been loving satin this summer specifically with my pregnancy. Not only because it has been helping me stay cool, but also because it doesn’t absorb any of the creams that I have been using on my belly to prevent/decrease the appearance of stretch marks. Similar to how satin doesn’t pull the oils from your face and hair when it is used as a pillow case, it also works with not pulling any moisturizers off of your skin that you may have put on your body after your morning shower.

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Satin is one of the main fabrics that is perfect for keeping cool this summer. I’ve rounded up some picks below for your to shop – including this dress that I snagged from Forever 21.

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