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Hello, my dear friends! If you are on the Northern Hemisphere, my guess is that summer has hit your area one way or another. My No 1 priority for summer dressing is breathable fabric – layered or not the outfit needs to feel cool when I move around. For any summer, my 4 must-have pieces for laid back, effortless, off-duty looks are: loose fit top, denim shorts/skirt, open-toe sandals and a straw hat.

My 2018 update to this outfit formula is dainty floral prints, oversized fray-edge shorts, flat top hat and dainty jewels. Everything is subtle and organic-feeling, would go with a rope sandal or woven espadrilles  if I want flat options or some extra height. The overall look is easy-going, romantic and very comfortable. When it was 80+ degrees, the sun was just setting, and the crowd was everyone from age 2 month to 80 years, this is THE outfit for hanging around the town plaza enjoying a light dinner and live music.

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As you can see, floral is the key note here. Even if floral is not in your normal fashion practice, consider it this summer, because the options are the best this season. From Zara, H&M to ASOS and TopShop, you can find floral prints of all colors, sizes and styles. I love particularly small scale flower prints, like the ones on my blouse, they put me in the mood of little house on the prairie, where you spend the perfect lazy summer afternoon collecting wild flowers and drinking home-made lemonades.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ve linked a few cute floral print options that I love for you to consider, in case you want to take that leap forward. Have a great summer ahead!

Outfit Details:

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Thierry Colson floral top – also in yellow ;
Sandy Liang denim skort – great alternative here & here;
Reike Nen leather sandals  – also in black;
Jacquemus straw hat;
Swarovski crystal bracelets & earrings;
Louis Vuitton sunglasses;

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