Easy, Breezy Beach Style

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beach style
beach style
beach style

Man, did I need this vacation more than ever! It’s a crazy season of life in our household, with many stressful situations going on (which, I will address at a later time), so getting away to the beach was just what we needed. We stayed at a condo right on the ocean, which meant we had the most gorgeous view right out our window, that we could enjoy at any moment. I so wish this was the case at home! Can I have coffee on a balcony over looking the water every morning, please?? Ya, I definitely can’t get that back in Indy, so I took full advantage all week. And, since the beach was at our disposal, we got to soak up the rays, and the waves, any chance we could get–which was basically all day, everyday.

I learned that I’d be totally fine living in a swimsuit for the rest of my life. And, I’m pretty sure the salty air does a lot of good for my hair. I didn’t have to style it much, and rocked the beach waves with very little effort. Thanks to the ocean, I had a case of mermaid hair all week. Talk about LOW MAINTENANCE! I really believe beach vacas don’t require all the “extras”–unless, ya know, you just like to be a little “extra.”

For me, I really only need my swimsuits, a few accessories, 3 beauty products, and 3 hair products to have the perfect easy, breezy vacation look everyday. I totally use the elements to my advantage when it comes to my beach beauty routine. The sun gives me a tan and a glow to my skin, which means I only need to add a little to my face to have that natural, sun-kissed look. The air gives me salty texture and wave to my hair, which means I only need to add a little dry shampoo and spray to have that mermaid, beach wave style. I’ve linked all beauty products below, so you can shop for your next vaca. And, even if you aren’t going on vacation, this same routine carries over to my everyday summer beauty routine, as well. Use these products for an easy pool day look, or trip to the park, zoo, ice cream shop, etc.

vacation look
sun kissed look

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Tarte Bronzer–I add just a little bronzer, since I use a strong SPF on my face, therefore my face doesn’t tan as much as my skin. Adding just a touch of bronzer in all the spots that the sun naturally hits the face gives that sun-kissed complexion-the safe way!

NYX Pencil Liner in Chocolate–I use this pencil to frame my eyes and my lips. Say, what?? I know, people think it sounds crazy until I explain. So, let me explain! I’m all about less is more and having multi-uses for products. This pencil is so perfect because I only need to use one product to shape up my brows, play up my eyes, and accentuate my lips. I love the deep brown color, because it’s the perfect shade for my complexion, to darken my brows just a bit, line my eyes (I love browns with green eyes), and help enhance my pout (a perfect nude without looking too “done”). It’s the perfect three-in-one product for less than $10.

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm–I finish with my favorite lip balm, with SPF 30 so I don’t roast my lips, and hydrating oils to keep them soft and moisturized. This is by far my favorite lip balm, and I own all the flavors, because I love it THAT much, but I think the coconut is my personal favorite. It’s like a piña colada on my lips everyday!

*Disclaimer* I do have eyelash extensions, so I don’t have to touch those at all! If you want a little something more to your eyes, I suggest a light coat of waterproof mascara, or even curl your lashes and coat them with a clear mascara. It helps to give your eyes that extra sparkle, without looking too made up!

sun kissed look
beauty routine


Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo–This dry shampoo seriously gives my hair life! It takes my flat, floppy locks and makes them fuller and voluminous, as if I truly just washed my hair. It helps extend the life of my hair style, while giving it a clean look and feel, by absorbing any oils in my hair. And, it smells INCREDIBLE!! Dry shampoo has literally saved my life..ok, hair, but in a sense, my life. Click here for the brunette version.

Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner–This dry conditioner makes my hair smooth and soft. It literally conditions and hydrates my hair, while keeping it from looking or feeling dried out-especially after a day at the beach or hot summer days! It also helps detangle my hair, after all the salty air has gotten to it, making it a tangled mess. The dry shampoo and dry conditioner together give my hair that freshly washed quality that I absolutely love, without all the work! *Thanking the hair gods for these mystical creations!*

Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Spray–This texturizing spray gives my hair that va-va-voom quality. It gives my hair that perfectly tousled, beach wave style, while adding so much texture and volume. I can’t say enough amazing things about this product! It seriously takes my hair to the next level. I use this after any time I style my hair, to take it from pretty curls, to undone, tousled, I just rolled out of bed and look amazing, voluminous waves.

For my beach style, I also think less is more. I try to play up whatever suit I’m wearing, by adding a coordinating cover-up, a fun hat-for sun safety and style, and cute shades, obviously! And, if I am feelin a little “extra,” I’ll throw on some jewelry, since simple jewels also give me that mermaid feel I so love to have at the beach. Is that a little unnecessary? Maybe. Does it look pretty and make me feel good? Absolutely! Check out some of my favorites that I’ve linked below, and see how I styled them at the beach, for some style inspo!

beach style
sun kissed look


Yellow Floral High Waisted Bikini–This suit is so flattering! I love that it’s high waisted, with a high leg, so it helps cover and shape at the same time. I feel it makes my legs look extra long, and at 5’5″, I’m ALL about that! Plus, the cut, style, and pattern are just SO cute! I’m wearing a small in this suit, for reference!

Roxy Orange Bikini Top & Roxy Orange Bikini Bottom–This suit is a bright, vibrant color, perfect for standing out and making me look super tan! Plus, the crochet texture and rope string detail give this a fun, beachy vibe. I am wearing a medium in this top and a small in the bottom.

Yellow Off-the-Shoulder Bikini–This suit is all kinds of cute and trendy. The mustard color is super in and so pretty against the backdrop of the ocean. Also, the off-the-shoulder style is just the cutest thing. I am so in love with this suit and the cut. The bottoms are a bit cheeky and give a high leg, as well, depending on where you sit it on your hips. *Also!* Be sure to size up, as this one runs small! I am wearing a medium in this suit, and it fits perfectly.

Palm Leaf High Waisted Bikini–This suit is similar to my palm leaf suit that I wore on my trip. The pattern is so cute and tropical, and the high waisted cut is super flattering! I cannot find my exact suit, but that one is the closest I could find, aside from finding the exact style in this suit. This bikini is the exact same cut/style, but in a solid color instead of the palm print. But, honestly, I love the style so much, I think I’m going to buy more in the solid colors! It’s THAT good!!

Cover Ups

White Lace Cardigan Cover Up–I love this cover-up and its versatility! It really looks good with anything, and it doubles as a kimono. The white lace is so pretty and accentuates a tan, and its light, airy feel is so perfect for vacation or summer!

Black Tie Dye Kimono–This kimono works as a cover-up, as well! The dip-dyed pattern is so fun and the black really makes colored suits pop! Plus, it’s extremely soft, and I love to throw it on at home when lounging!

Ombre Denim Button Down Shirt–This denim shirt is one of my favorites! It’s so cute to throw on with a suit at the beach, or worn as a top with shorts and a bralette. The dark denim fading to light reminds me of the ocean, which makes it the perfect touch at the beach!

sun kissed look
vacation look


Braided Trim Panama Hat–This hat is the ultimate beach hat and perfect addition to any suit! I love the straw structure and the rope braid around the top. It’s such a cute style that can be worn sitting straight, or tipped back for a more boho feel.

Woven Newsboy Hat–This hat just makes me feel cool when I put it on, even though I am not at all! It’s so fun when paired with a swimsuit because its unexpected! But, the woven texture makes it a light, summer feel, which helps it pair well together!

Billabong Floral Trucker Hat–I found this hat at a surf shop, and it really does give me all the cool girl, surfer vibes. The floral pattern is so pretty, and the colors go with so much!


Metal Round Sunglasses–These shades may be my absolute favorite! They’re so cute and trendy and give me all the hippie feels. I think I wear these with absolutely everything and they always look amazing!

Gold Metal Aviators–These gold aviators are classic. They also go with everything, and the gold metal is perfect for summer! I think they look great with tan skin and I love how they make my hair pop.

Black Round Sunglasses–I love the drama of these black shades. I think these instantly stand out on the face, because of their dark, intensity. Super cute with bright suits!

beach style
vacation look


Multi Strand Mix Beaded Bracelet–This gold, beaded bracelet stack is so pretty paired with any suit. They look beautiful on the beach and stand out on tan skin.

Double Gold Bangle Set–I love these thin bangles, and I love to wear them higher on my arm, rather than on my wrist like a true bangle. Talk about mermaid feels!

Gold Triple Strand Necklace–This necklace is also one of my favorites for any time! It goes with so much, and I love that it has three strands in one piece, so I don’t have to stack several necklaces at once. It’s super light and adds the right touch to any summer look.

I really believe if I lived on the coast, I would totally rock some combination of these pieces everyday. They’re so fun, versatile, and easy to put together. You really don’t need all the “stuff” to have the perfect summer style. Besides, style isn’t in the “stuff” its how you wear it. Shop your favorite pieces, play with the combinations of how you like to wear them, and rock your look and own that confidence the next time you step out in your suit. I can promise you, that is what everyone will notice.

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