Cashmere Cardigan Coat

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cashmere cardigan coat






Opting for Cozy Layers

Since moving to Atlanta, one of the most significant changes (for the better) has been the lack of icy winters! I think I’ve only pulled out my Canada Goose coat once since moving back down South. Instead, I find myself opting for cozy layers that can easily be removed depending on the situation.

Long and Luxe Cashmere Sweater

Enter this long and luxe cashmere sweater “coat.” Its extra long length is super warm and cozy, while the cashmere fabric keeps me feeling luxe. The length is really what attracted me to this piece is, in my opinion, what separates it from other dusters. I’ve thrown on the long cardigan coat with jeans (as seen here), midi dresses, and also my favorite pair of leggings. Where I think I’ll get the most use is when I’m traveling. Can’t you imagine wrapping this long and luxurious sweater around yourself on a plane? Talk about comfy! The best part… it’s now on sale! Click the link below for details!


Cardigan: Zara.

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