The Only Sandal Styles You Need This Summer

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The Only 4 Sandal Styles You Need!

Sandal season is my favorite! I love showing off a spiffy pedicure and having my toes free! With so many sandal styles out there, it is hard to decide which styles will actually get the most amount of use. I personally have wayyy too many shoes, but keep reaching for the same four styles over and over. So here are the only four shoe styles you need this summer!

Flat Slides.

When I think of flat slides, I think of the perfect outfit for grilling with the family in a breezy maxi dress, or running to Target in shorts and a tee.

Footbed/Supportive Sandals.

If you walk a lot day to day like me, or if you’re planning a grand European vacation, you’re going to want something more supportive. When I travel in the summer, I always prefer to pack sandals and a pair of sneakers to switch off to avoid foot and shoe fatigue. I swear I’m not making this up – it is a thing! If I wear the same exact shoes for too many days in a row, my feet get really sad. PLUS some outfits just look cuter with sandals.


The past few summers have been all about the wedge. I personally love the espadrille variety, with pretty roping details on the bottom half of the shoe.

Heeled Sandals.

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This suggestion may seem like a no-brainer, but I’d be remiss if I left them out! Everyone needs a good heeled sandal for date night and weddings, or if you just happen to be feeling fancy. Just because they have heels doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable! This pair is actually quite comfy (and ON SALE!), even for this preggo!

I hope you guys are all set up for the perfect summer footwear! And while we’re at it, here are my absolute favorite pedicure colors right now!

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