What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

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what to wear to a rehearsal dinner
what to wear to a rehearsal dinner 1

This weekend, I’ll be packing to head out on a few different trips that are coming up the next few weeks. We will be heading to Brooklin, Maine where we go every year around this time. I CAN’T wait to be on the water and go sailing with family!

This year is exciting. It’s the first year that Dylan was able to get the time off work. He recently started a new job, so I can’t wait for him to come and experience the beauty of Maine… and be able to take the time off!

rehearsal dinner dress
rehearsal dinner dress 1
rehearsal dinner dress 2

Another exciting event that’s coming up in the next few months is that my best friend is getting MARRIED. She’s the first of my very close friends to get married, so it’s been so crazy and exciting planning. I am her Maid of Honor, so I’ve most recently been working on planning her bachelorette party that’s happening in a few weeks in Northern Michigan!

With her wedding coming up so fast, I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack / wear for all the festivities. After finding a dress I really love for the rehearsal dinner, I thought I would put a post together to show this rehearsal dinner dress. This should give you some ideas for what to wear to a rehearsal dinner. I hope this is helpful if you have a wedding rehearsal dinner coming up!

wedding rehearsal dinner 2
wedding rehearsal dinner 4

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