Creating Equally Yoked Friendships

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Maybe a few real friends in this lifetime

My mother once told me that I’d be blessed to have maybe a few real friends in this lifetime. She would say to me quite often, “Sam, everyone isn’t your friend.” Of course then, I thought she was tripping. Because during the time she presented me with that information, I was befriending people I shouldn’t have due to my free heart and humanitarian spirit.

Miss Overtly Nice Girl

After playing Miss Overtly Nice Girl for waaaayyyy too long, I finally came to the conclusion that everyone isn’t meant to ride on this journey with me as a friend. Yes I would still be my nice, cordial self – but befriending individuals who were not on the same spiritual path as I was had to come to an end. After hanging with those fair-weather people who literally drained the life out of me, I learned that not only does being equally yoked apply to romantic relationships, it also applies to platonic friendships as well.

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The word friend holds a lot of weight

The word friend holds a lot of weight, and I truly believe it flies out of some people’s mouths too easily. Friends are not just someone you kick it with here and there. Friends are people you feel connected to, can relate to, and who evolve with you. To be a true friend and to find one is challenging, because the majority of people in this world are not at peace with themselves – and when you’re not at peace with yourself, it’s impossible to be at peace with others.

And when a person is lacking peace, the effects of that lack of peace usually manifests itself in their relationships/friendships – making it very difficult for the individual who lacks peace to accept an individual who isn’t lacking peace – because the content individual forces the discontented individual to see their lack – which in most cases breeds envy. If you’re not following what I’m saying thus far, then allow me to bring this point home with a quote from our girl Oprah.

“You can’t be friends with someone who wants your life. ”

— Oprah

Create a dope friendship

The more I keep going to sleep and waking up, the more I realized how correct Oprah is and why her theory holds truth. I’m finding out that when pursuing friendships, it’s best to seek individuals who want at least some of the same things you want out of life. Of course you have those rare occasions where two people on totally different levels create a dope friendship, But true, equally yoked friendships usually happen with individuals who have the same core values (this doesn’t mean they will always agree) and who truly know themselves and are comfortable with who they are.

And let me tell you…..when you’re trying to build a friendship with people who don’t even know and love themselves, the ride will not be pleasant. YOU WILL FEEL DRAINED ALMOST EVERY TIME YOU’RE IN THEIR PRESENCE….and that’s not friendship ladies and gentlemen. Friendships, just like relationships, are mutual affinities. They may not always be 50/50, but they are definitely supposed to be beneficial to both parties.

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Friendship is the highest most solid relationship

Friendship is the highest most solid relationship any two people can ever have. It’s the concrete foundation of whatever type of relationship will come after it (whether it’s business, romantic, sisterhood, brotherhood, etc.). So make sure you inspect your friendships thoroughly…because any cracks in the foundation will most definitely lead to major problems down the line.

“I picks my friends like I pick my fruit. ”

— Erykah Badu

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