The Negative Side of Blogging for Me

downsides of blogging

*dusts cobwebs*

Let me just get into it!

Hello hello, I’m really surprised you opened this blog despite the break and the kind of topic. I actually have been wanting to come back here but with my place of work and the planner, I just wanted to stay away for now. It has been a tough month because I had to take more jobs so I can raise the full money for the planner. Damn! I’m saying a lot lol. Let me just go into it!

making friends online

Met so many people

So I have been blogging for about 3 years and despite this negative side it has still been a great journey and it is helping me discover myself. I have met so many people online and blogging has become a business for me like it is paying some bills TBH! So yeah I do love it but … ghen ghen ghen going out and actually having fun is something I haven’t willingly done.

Constantly thinking of the blog

Every time I step out I’m constantly thinking of the blog or my page. I haven’t seen a movie this year at the cinema I think. I’m just all about going out to shoot for the blog or stay at home at taking product pictures. This side has helped me stay consistent with my content on Instagram and also work better at my other online jobs but raaahhh!! It kills me sometimes. I am constantly saying No to hangouts with people like I’m afraid of the sun lol.

constantly thinking about blogging

Making friends online

I have become so comfortable making friends online that making in person is just not it again. I’m also constantly on my laptop and have my eyes so wide awake. I will work on this bad habit this summer and hopefully go out and do things not related to blogging. It is something really necessary and I hope we all truly take breaks from working and just breathe.

This is a short post as I go off again and relax. I just felt like ranting and not on Instagram because there is too much bad blood there biko! Do enjoy the rest of this week!

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