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Pink Flared Trousers and a Cute Little Backpack in Barcelona

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A little weekend break always works well, especially when it’s in a place as beautiful as Barcelona. I lived in this metropolis last year for four months and have not visited it since then. Being back there has brought back great memories and the beautiful weather has given me a lot of energy to shoot beautiful outfits.
The first one I would like to show you today: by the way, I will never wear this outfit again; What happened with this clothing and which location I would recommend for outfit pictures in Barcelona, ​​you can read in this post.

It is always nice to know that there are wonderful shooting locations in Barcelona, ​​which are perfect for fashion bloggers: bright backgrounds, great monuments, little Durscheinander and places where few people are on the go. I prefer to shoot on stairs, especially when they are white. So the photographer can stand a little further down, up or at the same level; and thus capture multiple perspectives. This kind of location can be found endlessly in the secret capital of Europe.

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together. The notes match very well for me, they are not exactly the same, but belong to the same colour family. It’s my style to wear a bright crop top  from Gina Tricot , plus a pair of gaudy wide-leg pants from Zara with a high waist. Boohoo plateau  sneakers and a matching backpack from Forever21 complete the fun. I rarely wear much jewellery, if anything, then just something very subtle, like the earrings in this case. In the strong sun, my glasses from Forever21 must not be missing.

RIP Outfit

But I will never wear this  outfit again: I put it together with great pleasure, these kind of wide trousers from Zara are really my favourites and the combined pink shades have worked really well for me. I have matched my make-up and my matching mini backpack from Forever21 and can not wait to shoot nice pictures.
However, because of the time pressure, I wanted to photograph several outfits that day and thus carried around several pieces of clothing with me. We started with this and later shot two more. I wore this outfit with me after the shoot in a Zara bag. By 10 pm, when we were eating Persian food, I had placed it next to me on the free chair. We left the restaurant, made our way home and what happened with the bag only God knows and the clothes themselves.
Only the next day I noticed that something was missing and I lost my clothes. My only response was: after  all, I have pictures of it . : ‘D
I will not mourn material things, I hope someone has found the bag and will be happy with the content.

The Location

We found the location by chance on the way to Placa Espanya: it is located in Sants, a district where the main train station Sants Estacio is located. It is the park Parque de Espanya Industrial .
You’ll mainly finds students there who listen to music, learn and enjoy the sun. The universities of Montjuic are not far away and can be reached on foot in less than 20 minutes.

Many stairs provide good seating , benches are also available. The fountains are filled with water in the summer, and in the spring only the remnants of water could be seen. A perfect place to relax in the sun, but big trees also provide shade for the hot temperatures.

I especially like the towers that line up in a row. They offer the perfect shooting location and look really fantastic in my eyes. I like that the park is decorated in light tones, so you have a good background for your photos.

How do you like my outfit and the location? I am looking forward to hearing your opinion!

This post was written by Gilda.
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