A Simple and Straightforward Winter Look

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A Casual Winter Look

Well hello, guys, happy new week. I hope you had a lovely weekend. In today’s blog post I’m merely highlighting a casual and straightforward winter look that I thought would fit perfectly in your closet this season. Layering in winter can be quite tricky, if you overlayer, you are left looking bulky, and if you underlayer, you could freeze your ribs out. (lol)

Warm and also Fashionable

That said, this winter, I’m all about comfort and finding those little pieces that I find comfortable, warm and also fashionable.
So, when I say comfort, I meant sneakers, a pair of pants, a sweater and warm jacket to go with it. It may sound boring but believe me when I say that you could never go wrong with outfit combination like this one. I also added a few colors because to me a touch of color to your outfit can take it to another level.
So I hope you find it inspiring enough to in/corporate them in your closet this winter.

Outfit Details

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