How to Dress According to Your Body Shape

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how to dress according to your body shape

Hello, everyone!

As you might already know, there are several body shapes according to which you should dress to look your best. This post is the first post in my new series about dressing according to your body shape. Today, we will have a brief overview of each of the body shapes and try to determine which one of these body shapes is yours. I believe that every body can look absolutely stunning when when dressed according to their body shape.

I’ve already done this series on my old blog last year, but I wasn’t really happy with some of the articles I put together. So, I thought I would start it again and go more in depth this time.

To find out which one is your body shape I encourage you stand in front of the mirror and examine your body. If you have any photos of yourself where you can clearly see your silhouette, take a look at them. Focus mainly on your shoulders, chest, and hips. Are your shoulders and hips aligned? Are your shoulders larger than your hips? Or are your hips larger than your shoulders?

Banana Body Shape

Your bust and hips are in balance and as the name suggests, your body is kind of straight. You have a small waist and so you should emphasize it by wearing fitting clothing with adding accessories like wide belts.

Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape or the triangle shape is typical for its hips wider than the bust and nicely defined waist. When dressing this body shape, you should add volume to the upper body whilst de-emphasizing the lower body to create the hourglass appearance.

Hourglass Body Shape

Your upper and lower body are balanced with a defined waist. When it comes to dressing, you should draw attention to both upper and lower body whilst emphasizing your waist by wearing for example statement belts.

Strawberry Body Shape

Your upper body is larger than your lower body. Your shoulders are broad and your hips small. The key is to balance your shoulders and chest with the hips and to add curves to your lower body.

Apple Body Shape

You have a large upper body and narrow hips with an undefined waist. When dressing this body shape, you should de-emphasize your midsection and add curves to your lower body.

Diamond Body Shape

Your midsection is the most prominent part of your body while your upper and lower body are rather small in comparison to your waist. In this case, the key is to add volume to your bust and shoulders.

In the upcoming blog posts of this series, I will focus on each body shape. As I go, I will also link the posts to one another to make it easier for you if you come across one of them and are interested in a different one. I hope you’ll find this series helpful and stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

See you soon!

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