Kicking off the Season with a new Outlook

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Our Entertainment should take a Back Seat

This holiday season has gotten off to a rocky start, as my best friend’s father passed away last week and it hasn’t really felt like a celebratory time. I took some time away from social media and blogging while we spent our last days with him, and following his passing I spent time with our friends and family in Georgia. When Hal was in the hospital battling a quick, horrible cancer, I got to spend time with him during which, as always, he bestowed his precious wisdom. He reminded Anna and I that our clothing and “things” are simply entertainment. We should not put so much focus on these but rather our relationships, with each other, friends, family, and God. We should be focused year round on giving (and not buying things for ourselves) because we are fortunate to have enough to be able to give. Our entertainment should take a back seat.

Got to be a Balance

While I took these words to heart and will remember them always, I also know that Hal would not want me to give up on my passion and my dreams, which happen to be focused on fashion and styling. There has got to be a balance here somewhere and I intend on finding it. I’d like to think that because I work hard and genuinely care about all of the work that I do (fashion related, and not) that I can treat myself to the finer things in life on occasion. After all, no matter how cliche or materialistic it sounds, when we look good, we feel good.And I know that Hal always wanted us to feel good in our skin. Going forward, I am going to do my best to remind myself of this balance. When I feel like buying something new for myself, first think of something I can first do for someone else. Then, if I still want to buy the shoes, buy the shoes.


Anna and I laughed at him basically calling us materialistic, but at the end of the day, he made a great point. I cannot claim that I will get rid of all of my possessions, but I can aim to always remember that I am lucky and fortunate to be able to support my style habits and can afford to give a little more to those in need.

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