The Winter Staple You’ll Want in Every Color

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black turtle neck

Living in Utah, and being an avid loather of winter, 😀 I try to find pieces that still are stylish while keeping me warm in this frigid place. And this winter, I’ve just found myself continuing to reach for this winter staple that has become an absolute favorite. What is it, you ask?


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Seriously, turtlenecks are a trendy style right now. Is it because of the 90s style with the high waisted mom jeans? Maybe? Are turtlenecks just all around classy and flattering? For sure.

Why should turtlenecks be your new winter staple?

  • They can be layered under a dress, jacket, sweater, etc.
  • Dressed up.
  • Dressed down.
  • They show off your figure.
  • You’ll feel instantly feel sexy in them.
  • You look put together and polished.

winter staple turtleneck outfit velvet skirt

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