Ways to look Cute in Winter

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how to look cute in winter

Looking Cute and Fashionable in freezing cold – is it even possible?

I think putting outfits together for the colder months is so much harder than styling summer dresses. It is hard to be fashionable when you have to bundle up under all the layers and your hair is full of static.

Sure, its harder to look fashionable in Winter but it can totally be done. I was recently packing for my work trip to Wisconsin and that is when I realized I can talk about some of the tips I know on how to layer right, stay warm and still manage to look cute and fashionable.

Outfit Details

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ways to look cute in winter

Tips on how to Look Cute in Winter:

Let Your Coat/Outerwear Be The Star of the Outfit:

One thing about Winter I totally love- I get to wear all my Jacket and Coats. Two kinds of coats you totally need in your closet, one statement coat and the other one a neutral everyday coat. You can, of course, get more if you are into them but these two styles of coats will go with all your outfits.

Statement coats are so fashionable. You can wear any basic outfit and just throw on a statment coat on top. My favorite in my closet is this plaid coat. Coats in neutral colors like Camel and Black will go with all your outfits and you can wear any of your colorful sweaters under it.

I also love to invest in fur jackets, teddy jackets, which will take any basic winter outfit to the next level.


Leather Leggings or Style Your Sweaters with Pants rather than Jeans all the time:

Leather leggings according to me are a must have in winter. First, it keeps you warm and second it adds lot of texture to your outfit that a regular skinny black jean might not. Next time you want to add some texture to your basic outfit, try it with a leather legging.

If you are not into leather leggings try pants with different textures and prints to them. I love a good plaid pant too. Instead of just a basic pair of jean you can style your basic sweaters with pants and it will make it more dressy and cute.

Let Your Boots Steal The Show:

For all my petite girls out there and even if you are not petite try wearing pointed-toe boots instead of round toe. Pointed toe shoes will elongate your legs and will give your outfit a good silhouette.

Also, i love investing in printed boots which are still neutral like this one. Red boots with basic neutral outfit also look so fashionable.

Wear Secret Layers:

Keeping yourself warm in winter is crucial. By secret layers i mean, wearing thermals under your sweater and jeans. If it’s too cold, wear a t-shirt on top of the thermal. That ways when you wear your cute sweaters on the outside you will not have to hide it under three more extra layers. Wear knee high socks under your OTK boots etc.

Sweaters With a Twist to Them:

plaid pants

Love this back Knot.

Instead of wearing basic sweaters with no detail to them, wear sweaters with any kind of detail to them. I love this back detail tie knot sweater. Wear sweaters with some details like balloon sleeves and pearls for example. I also love colors like mustard, yellow, baby pink, blue in the winter since it also helps to elevate my mood.

Monochromatic look with Bolder Lipstick:

When in doubt, I go either with an all-black outfit, statement boots and bold makeup, or I go for an all white outfit with a bold lip. I love wearing darker lipstick shades in winter because again it elevates my mood and puts some color back to my face. When I wear a bolder lip, it instantly makes me look like I made a lot of effort in getting ready.

back knot top plaid pants

Sunglasses : H&M
Lipstick: Kat Von D Lolita II


I love wearing accessories for every season, but especially in winter, I love to dress up my outfit with berets. Berets are so French. I love everything about them. It makes me feel like I am in some part of Paris eating croissants haha. I love this pearl beret that I have, and whenever I am having a bad hair day or I want to dress up my outfit, I totally go for a beret. Bonus- It keeps you warm too!

I also love cute bags like this one since it is trendy and neutral at the same time. The fur detail on it gives the outfit some texture while the animal print on it makes it so much more fashionable.

back knot cream top

Let me know what are some of your favorite ways to style winter outfits?

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