What to Wear in London Winter

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Knowing what to wear in London during the winter will depend upon your agenda and purpose for travelling there. Whether you’re visiting London for business or pleasure – knowing what to wear in London will give you a real confidence boost while there.  The two main conditions to consider when creating your London outfits are:

1. What the weather will be like during this London winter
2. What’s trending in London fashion this winter 2018

what to wear london winter

The Weather in London in the Winter

The minimum temperature that you’ll experience in London during the winter is about 0°c. The great news is that you may get to see some amazing snowy views when it’s 0°c outside. However, London winters are very bearable and once you wrap up well, you can remain outside for the entire day without feeling like you’re about to literally freeze.

Here are the average temperatures that you can expect each month in London during the winter, paying particular attention towards November, December and January:

Average min and max temperatures in London, United Kingdom

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Trends in London

Knowing the latest fashion trends in London is advantageous when going there. London is a pretty densely populated city with its inhabitants coming from all over the world. This means that nothing really surprises London locals and you can really feel free to express your stylish self whilst your there. So what’s trending in London at the moment?

Here are some London bloggers on TrendFriend that we recommend you follow. They’ll give you some real insight for what’s trending in London right now.



What to Wear in London Winter

So there you have it. Our main advice is to prepare for very manageable temperatures that may even surprise you with some delightful snowy scenes. Secondly, you really can wear whatever you wish in London. As always, being presentable will be received and important for your self confidence when entering London’s trendy bars.

However London is neither conservative nor crazily exuberant in terms of fashion. It’s really inclusive and interesting and you’re bound to have a great time observing outfits there.

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Thank you for checking out what we had to say and enjoy your trip to London this winter 2018!