Winter Styling and a Little Oversized

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Casual winter outfit styling can sometimes be tricky – especially if you’re like me and want to fight the coldness at all costs. I am definitely one to sacrifice comfort for a good outfit combo (guilty), but more often than not, I am reaching for the comfortable outfit. This look, I can say with confidence, is 100% comfortable. The oversized sweater paired with the mom jeans paired with the low chunky heel is a great winter go-to.

The Key to Looking too Oversized

When I first tried this look on, I felt a little frumpy. I am short (5’1″), so wearing oversized clothes can sometimes be too much. I think the key to not looking too oversized is (1) throw on a fitted, cropped jacket and (2) some sort of heel. Also slicking my hair back helped this look a little more put together.

Oversized Sweaters

I’ve worn this combo quite a few times this winter and I’m sure you’ll see it quite a bit more. Oversized sweaters will forever be a favorite.

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