How to Style a Blazer that’s Stolen from the Boys

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how to style a blazer
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If ya haven’t noticed yet, blazers are currently trending – and I couldn’t be happier! I have always loved a good blazer and have even more of an excuse than ever to add a few more to my wardrobe (like this one from zara). They are unbelievably versatile. Here are some ideas about how to style a blazer. If you invest in good quality, it will always be in style.

I have been seeing a ton of inspo on oversized blazers as of late. I absolutely love the “not trying but looking super posh” style these days and throwing on a boys blazer is definitely hitting that exact note for me. Do you agree?

This particular blazer has a little sentimental value for me as well. It’s actually my husband’s blazer that he wore to our rehearsal dinner three years ago. He thought I was crazy when I asked him if I could borrow it. I always love making him ask “what you wearing?!” It’s almost a game these days.

How to Style a Blazer

Anyways – The key when styling an oversized blazer is two fold:

  1. Get one that fits you in the shoulders. If it fits you in the shoulders, you don’t “need” a belt. It will look oversized, but not in a way where it looks like you stole some giant’s jacket off the back of his chair.
  2. If it doesn’t fit you in the shoulders – get a belt.

Rules are meant to be broken

Simple. But honestly rules are meant to be broken, so you do you boo! I also almost always roll or scrunch the sleeves. It makes a blazer look less stuffy and more laid back. Whatcha think about how I styled this look? Lemme know in the comments below or my latest instagram post.

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