How to Wear Bright Colors and avoid looking like a Circus Act

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how to wear bright colors

With so many colors in the color wheel, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge when trying to decide how to wear bright colors together to create an outfit. Our favorite thing about summer style is playing with bold and bright colors. Whether it’s rocking a bright colored lip, eye shadow, a bright colored top or pants, or even going bold and color blocking a few bright colors together; we are totally into bold and bright colors. It may be tricky to style a loud colored piece; one obvious and safe way to style it would be by pairing it with a pair of jeans, or anything neutral to tone it down. But with us, when it comes to bright and bold colors, we like to GO HARD OR GO HOME lol.

There are endless options of how to wear bright colors. However, just like with any other bold trend in fashion, there is a fine line that we try not to cross to avoid looking like a circus act. Three major rules we like to follow when styling bright and bold colors are:

1. Pair Colors of the Same Tone

Pair colors of the same tone, this will always guarantee that the colors you wear together will compliment one another. When pairing multiple bright colors, try to pair all cool tones together, and all warm tones together. This always looks more chic, and less costume-y. An example of cool tones that look great together are blue and green.  An example of warm tones that look great together are red and pink.

2. Style a maximum of 3 bold colors together

When styling good color blocking outfits, try styling a maximum of 3 bold colors together; anything more may be a bit too much.

3. You can never go wrong with a monochromatic outfit

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic outfit. It’s amazing how well put together you can look with an outfit made up of pieces from the exact same color family regardless of the shade. An example of this would be pairing baby blue, royal blue, powder blue, and navy blue.

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On Nuni: Pink Suit (Target)| Pink Cami (Target) | Shoes (Golden Goose) | Bag (Louis Vuitton) | Sunglasses (VAMP) | Jewelry (Y Collections)

On Nasteha: Pants (Vintage) | T-Shirt (Zara) | Shoes: Nike | Sunglasses (Vamp) | Bag (Fendi)| Jewelry(Y Collections)

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