Neutral Pieces That Are Perfect for Summer Dressing

neutral pieces for summer

Capsule wardrobe with neutral pieces

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A capsule wardrobe with neutral pieces can give you an endless option to create many outfits without having to own many items. I wear neutrals all season and they are the best pieces to wear during summer. On this post, I am wearing old Mango shorts, (still, love them) Zara blazer & Sandals, Farrah + Sloane bag, Authentique Top. Below are a few of my fav neutral pieces to wear for summer!

Stylish and effortless

Being stylish and effortless, it may not be easy for some women, but if you follow the motto “Less is more,”  and the Parisian women are perfect inspiration. The French have mastered the minimalist look while maintaining an effortless and feminine appeal wearing neutrals.

neutral outfit in summer

Having a neutral closet and sticking within this palette makes it hard to make a fashion mistake. You will always look stylish and effortless.

neutral look in summer

Looking feminine is NOT wearing figure-hugging clothes

As a Stylist, looking feminine is NOT wearing figure-hugging clothes, and the French girls prove just the opposite. Rather than opting for tight shorts in the summer, they wear looser pants or paper bag trousers. Pair your natural looser pants with strappy sandals, or espadrilles to truly capture the Parisian effortless style. Linen would be a great choice to wear for summer.

Stick to breezy pieces

Forget about tight clothes that make you uncomfortable and stick to breezy pieces that give you more freedom and style aka an oversized blazer that you could wear over a summer dress, a skirt or white linen pants.

Wearing neutrals it’s always a classic choice and when you purchase capsule pieces you will have the option to incorporate them all season. Aurela x

neutral style summer

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